2016 Crime Rates by Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA)

2016 Crime Rates of 9 types of crimes






When we hear about crime rates we usually hear about crime rates in the core city of a MSA and the crime rates of the MSA are not taken into consideration.  In St. Louis the reputation for high crime rates is because most of the time only the City of St. Louis is highlighted.  A more accurate picture of crime rates occurs when an entire metro area is taken into consideration.

I have gone to the FBI website and downloaded the table of crime in both the main cities of an MSA and the crime rate of the entire metro area for 2012-2016.  There will be more graphs in the future.  If you would like to see a breakdown by population size of the MSA visit the Analyzing Data page of the Trend Measurements website.

The darker the orange the smaller the MSA.  The darker the blue the larger the MSA.  Orange is for MSA’s of below 500,000 and blue is for MSA’s of over 500,000.

Please note that the St. Louis MSA is not in the Aggravated Assault and Violent Crime tab.  One or more of the suburbs did not report these two categories.  Hopefully that will be corrected in the future but I have to work with the data that was reported and entered into the FBI table.  The City of St. Louis did report these categories and that will be covered in future blog postings.

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