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Data Analytics

Data is no longer a luxury but a necessity, since data tells the story of your organization, and you need to find out that the story is telling you.  This story is where your marketing needs to start, not end.

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Why Marketing Data Analytics is Important

Data is an important part of your decision making process.  Data gives your more confidence in your decisions than relying on gut feelings alone.  Using data will improve your bottom line results by providing you better insights about your organization.

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Customer Experience Surveys

Market Research – data can tell us what has happened but you need research to find out why something has happened.

Marketing Plans and Strategies – Trend Measurements can take information from both internal and external sources and create a marketing plan that will increase the bottom line of your organization.

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What Trend Measurements can do for your organization

Former General Electric CEO Jack Walsh believes that “It is not enough to be better than anyone else.  You must set a whole new (and hopefully unique standard in customer experience”.  To provide this new standard in customer experience, you need to focus on your customer and what your customer needs.  Analyzing the data from your database is a key part of understanding what your customer needs.

Each organization has a unique set of data that needs to be analyzed to meet the increasing demands of your customer.  Trend Measurements will work with you to determine what areas of your business you need to analyzed and deliver a customized set of measurements that will improve your bottom line.

Trend Measurements understands that the people in your organization are pressed for time and need to be able to look at the information and makde decisions, without spending a lot of time trying to figure out what story the data is telling us.  Trend Measurements uses Tableau to present your data in easy to read visuals that will work for you and the members of your organization.


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